Monday, February 29, 2016


The performance tracker retains its sophistication, tracking everything from how many CPUs to how much memory you are using — as well as how much memory Norton eats up, just to show how efficient the program is. You can also get performance details on all your installations, downloads, detections, alerts and scans. The Startup Manager is also helpful in letting you know which applications are taking up the most memory while your computer is booting up. It can also turn them off or delay them to boost startup time.

Running scans is simple and only slowed our computer down a little bit. You can choose from a basic Quick Scan, Full Scan or Custom Scan. Social media users will also enjoy the Facebook wall scanner, which connects to your account and scans your wall and newsfeed for potential threats.

Notifications are unobtrusive as well as small, and you can toggle "silent mode" to prevent any update sounds from disturbing when streaming video or playing a game.

Norton always does well when it comes to independent testing of its performance, historically scoring 3 out 3 stars in testing from AV-Comparatives, an independent antivirus testing organization.

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